Author: J.M. Coetzee 库切

John Maxwell "J. M." Coetzee (born 9 February 1940) is a South African novelist, essayist, linguist, translator and recipient of the 2003 Nobel Prize in Literature. He relocated to Australia in 2002 and lives in Adelaide. He became an Australian citizen in 2006. In 2013, Richard Poplak of the Daily Maverick described Coetzee as "inarguably the most celebrated and decorated living English-language author".

库切 伊丽莎白·科斯特洛 2003

库切 慢性男人 2005

库切 自传体小说三部曲(男孩、青春、夏日) 2011

库切 此时此地:库切和奥斯特书信集 2013

库切 耶稣的少年时代 2016