Author: Willa Cather 薇拉·凯瑟

Wilella Sibert Cather (December 7, 1873 – April 24, 1947) is an eminent author from the United States. She is perhaps best known for her depictions of U.S. life in novels such as O Pioneers!, My Ántonia, and Death Comes for the Archbishop.

薇拉·凯瑟 青春和美艳的美杜莎 1920

薇拉·凯瑟 四十开外 1936

薇拉·凯瑟 我的凡敌 1926

薇拉·凯瑟 亚历山大的桥 1912

薇拉·凯瑟 默默无闻的命运 1932

薇拉·凯瑟 露西・盖伊哈特1935

薇拉·凯瑟 岩石上的阴影 1931