Wilson The Origins of Creativity 2017

爱德华·威尔逊 创造力的起源 2017

  • Author: Edward Wilson
  • Pages: 156 pages
  • Publisher: Penguin Random House (PRH)
  • Published in: 2017

Review from The Economist: 创造力生物学:创意火种

In this profound and lyrical book, one of our most celebrated biologists offers a sweeping examination of the relationship between the humanities and the sciences: what they offer to each other, how they can be united, and where they still fall short. Both endeavours, Edward O. Wilson reveals, have their roots in human creativity―the defining trait of our species.

Reflecting on the deepest origins of language, storytelling, and art, Wilson demonstrates how creativity began not ten thousand years ago, as we have long assumed, but over one hundred thousand years ago in the Paleolithic age. Chronicling this evolution of creativity from primate ancestors to humans, The Origins of Creativity shows how the humanities, spurred on by the invention of language, have played a largely unexamined role in defining our species. And in doing so, Wilson explores what we can learn about human nature from a surprising range of creative endeavors―the instinct to create gardens, the use of metaphors and irony in speech, and the power of music and song.

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