Wells A Modern Utopia 1905

赫伯特·乔治·威尔斯 现代乌托邦 1905

  • Author: H. G. Wells
  • Copyright: Public domain
  • Published in: 1905
  • Word count: 92,510 words (≈ about 6 hours)

Because of the complexity and sophistication of its narrative structure A Modern Utopia has been called "not so much a modern as a postmodern utopia." The novel is best known for its notion that a voluntary order of nobility known as the Samurai could effectively rule a "kinetic and not static" world state so as to solve "the problem of combining progress with political stability." In A Modern Utopia, two travelers fall into a space-warp and suddenly find themselves upon a Utopian Earth controlled by a single World Government.

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