Levy Facebook The Inside Story 2020

史蒂芬·列维 脸书:内幕故事 2020

  • Author: Steven Levy
  • Pages: 551 pages
  • Publisher: Blue Rider Press
  • Published in: 2020

Review from The Economist: 社交网络:友好的肖像画

Millions of words have been written about Facebook, but no one has told the complete story, documenting its ascendancy and missteps. There is no denying the power and omnipresence of Facebook in American daily life, or the imperative of this book to document the unchecked power and shocking techniques of the company, from growing at all costs to outmaneuvering its biggest rivals to acquire WhatsApp and Instagram to developing a platform so addictive even some of its own are now beginning to realize its dangers.

Based on hundreds of interviews inside and outside the company, Levy’s sweeping narrative of incredible entrepreneurial success and failure digs deep into the whole story of the company that has changed the world and reaped the consequences.

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