Lessing Landlocked The Children of Violence 4 1965

多丽丝·莱辛 被陆地围住的 暴力的孩子们之四 1965

  • Author: Doris Lessing
  • Pages: 275 pages
  • Publisher: HarperCollins
  • Published in: 1965

Landlocked (1965) is the fourth novel in British Nobel Prize in Literature-winner Doris Lessing five volume, semi-autobiographical, series, Children of Violence. This is the last of the series that is set in southern Africa: The time is the last few months of a war that had not only ruined Europe but had flooded a message of equality even into this backwater. Some of the white people have already sensed the imminence of change: they could never again unthinkingly hold down this corner of Africa for themselves and their heirs.

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