James The Diary of a Man of Fifty 1879

亨利·詹姆斯 一个五十岁人的日记 1879

  • Author: Henry James
  • Copyright: Public domain
  • Published in: 1879
  • Word count: 11,771 words (≈ about 1 hour)

Returning to Florence after 25 years of military service, a man finds himself haunted by memories of a thwarted love affair that took place on the banks of the Arno during his youth. On inquiring after the erstwhile object of his affections, he encounters a young man in amorous pursuit of her daughter. Eager to spare his young friend the sorrow that has marred his own life, the man finds himself deliberating the morality of recounting his own story. This heartbreaking tale touches on themes that were to dominate Henry James's later fiction, including the suggestibility of youth and the dubious morality of influence.

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