Hemingway To Have and Have Not 1937

海明威 有钱人与没钱人 1937

  • Author: Ernest Hemingway
  • Pages: 169 pages
  • Publisher: Scribner
  • Published in: 1937

To Have and Have Not is a novel by Ernest Hemingway about Harry Morgan, a fishing boat captain out of Key West, Florida. The novel depicts Harry as an essentially good man, who is forced by dire economic forces beyond his control into the black-market activity of running contraband between Cuba and Florida. A wealthy fishing charter customer tricks Harry by slipping away without paying after a three-week fishing trip, leaving Harry destitute. Harry then makes a fateful decision to smuggle Chinese immigrants into Florida from Cuba to make ends meet in supporting his family. Harry begins to regularly ferry different types of illegal cargo between the two countries, including alcohol and Cuban revolutionaries.

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