Freedman The Future of War 2017

劳伦斯·弗里德曼 战争的未来:一部历史 2017

  • Author: Lawrence Freedman
  • Pages: 469 pages
  • Publisher: Penguin Random House (PRH)
  • Published in: 2017

Review from The Economist: 军事规划:岂能一战定乾坤

From the French rout at Sedan in 1870 to the relentless contemporary insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan, Lawrence Freedman, a world-renowned military thinker, reveals how most claims from the military futurists are wrong. But they remain influential nonetheless.

Freedman shows how those who have imagined future war have often had an idealized notion of it as confined, brief, and decisive, and have regularly taken insufficient account of the possibility of long wars-hence the stubborn persistence of the idea of a knockout blow, whether through a dashing land offensive, nuclear first strike, or cyberattack. He also notes the lack of attention paid to civil wars until the West began to intervene in them during the 1990s, and how the boundaries between peace and war, between the military, the civilian, and the criminal are becoming increasingly blurred.

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