Author: Cormac McCarthy 麦卡锡

Cormac McCarthy (born Charles McCarthy; July 20, 1933) is an American novelist, playwright, and screenwriter. He has written ten novels, spanning the Southern Gothic, western, and post-apocalyptic genres. He won the Pulitzer Prize and the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for Fiction for The Road (2006). His 2005 novel No Country for Old Men was adapted as a 2007 film of the same name, which won four Academy Awards, including Best Picture. For All the Pretty Horses (1992), he won both the U.S. National Book Award and National Book Critics Circle Award. All the Pretty Horses, The Road, and Child of God have also been adapted as motion pictures.

戈马克·麦卡锡 (又译:科马克、寇麦克、科马克·麦卡锡;1933年7月20日出生于美国罗德岛),为知名美国小说家,被誉为是海明威与福克纳的唯一后继者。2007年以其小说《长路》赢得了普利策小说奖。2009年获美国笔会颁发索尔·贝娄文学终生成就奖。他的多部小说被改编成电影,包括获奥斯卡最佳影片的《老无所依》。

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