Wells Aepyornis Island 1894

赫伯特·乔治·威尔斯 象鸟岛 1894 epub mobi pdf

  • Author: H. G. Wells
  • Copyright: Public domain
  • Published in: 1894
  • Word count: 4,962 words (≈ 20 minutes)

Note: "Aepyornis Island", is a short story by H. G. Wells, first published in 1894 in the Pall Mall Budget. The narrator starts a conversation with a fellow Englishman, a rough individual named Butcher, in an unspecified foreign location. Remembering reports of a court case years earlier, in which Butcher sued his employer for salary accrued while cast away on a desert island, the narrator encourages him to tell the story related to the case.

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