Lovecraft The Cats of Ulthar 1920

洛夫克拉夫特 乌撒的猫 1920 epub mobi pdf

  • Author: Howard Phillips Lovecraft
  • Copyright: Public domain
  • Published in: 1920
  • Word count: 1,343 words (≈ 5 minutes)

Note: "The Cats of Ulthar" is a short story written by American fantasy author H. P. Lovecraft in June 1920. In the tale, an unnamed narrator relates the story of how a law forbidding the killing of cats came to be in a town called Ulthar. As the narrative goes, the city is home to an old couple who enjoy capturing and killing the townspeople's cats. When a caravan of wanderers passes through the city, the kitten of an orphan (Menes) traveling with the band disappears.

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