Grey The Desert of Wheat 1919

赞恩·格雷 玉米荒漠 1919 epub mobi pdf

  • Author: Zane Grey
  • Copyright: Public domain
  • Published in: 1919
  • Word count: 117,269 words (≈ about 8 hours)

Note: The Desert of Wheat was first published in 1919. It tells the story of Kurt Dorn, a young American wheat farmer who is torn between saving his farm and defending the woman he loves, and defending America during the First World War. Kurt does eventually choose to go to war, where he realizes how futile and destructive warfare is. With a lyrical ending, The Desert of War is different from Grey's Western novels, but equally satisfying to readers. The Desert of Wheat was made into a film called Riders of the Dawn in 1920.

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