Dostoyevsky Notes From The Underground 1864

陀思妥耶夫斯基 地下室手记 1864

  • Author: Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky
  • Copyright: Public domain
  • Published in: 1864
  • Word count: 44,146 words (≈ about 3 hours)

Notes from Underground (Russian: Записки из подполья, Zapíski iz podpól'ja, also translated in English as Notes from the Underground or Letters from the Underworld while Notes from Underground is the most literal translation) (1864) is a short novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky. It is considered by many to be the world's first existentialist novel. It presents itself as an excerpt from the rambling memoirs of a bitter, isolated, unnamed narrator (generally referred to by critics as the Underground Man) who is a retired civil servant living in St. Petersburg.

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