Category: Historical 历史小说

Historical fiction is a literary genre in which the plot takes place in a setting located in the past. An essential element of historical fiction is that it is set in the past and pays attention to the manners, social conditions and other details of the period depicted. Authors also frequently choose to explore notable historical figures in these settings, allowing readers to better understand how these individuals might have responded to their environments.

威尔基·柯林斯 安东尼娜/罗马的沦落 1850 epub mobi pdf

大仲马 达尔达尼央浪漫曲之三:1847 epub mobi pdf

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詹姆斯·菲尼莫尔·库珀 皮袜子故事集5:拓荒者1823 epub mobi pdf

阿瑟·柯南·道尔 白色纵队/白衣纵队 1891 epub mobi pdf

肯·福莱特 危险的财产 1993 epub mobi pdf

乔治·艾略特 罗慕拉 1863 epub mobi pdf

大仲马 达达尼昂三部曲之六:铁面人 1850 epub mobi pdf

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